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Do you communicate like a tree in the woods?

Attending investment conferences is very rewarding. You get to learn about some really cool companies that you might not have known about before getting on the plane, bus or train.

Who is making the next big widget…that guy right there. Who is creating the next big social media site…that lady right across the isle. As I sit there listening to powerful presentations, one after another, I have to ask myself…why have I never heard of some of these companies?

Yes, maybe I am not tuned in and missed some of the outreach from the company. In preparation for these conferences I spend time doing research and a lot of times I note limited outreach about that next big widget or social media site. Have you lost your way in knowing how to communicate? Do you think investors, media and consumers will just find you? Are you too busy to to communicate…is that really possible?

Communicating is easy…you have been doing it since you were born.  We like to make it hard, but all it takes is a plan. Ah, that word…plan. Yes, a plan will take time. You don’t need to recreate the wheel when creating a communication plan. Find companies in your space doing it correctly. You can learn from them. You might even be surprised to find out about resources you didn’t know you had that others are using in a better way.

Creating consistent outreach and communication is way better than doing nothing. Social media has opened up a whole new world of being about to reach out and give your messages, releases, video, etc. more legs. If we don’t know about you we can’t find you. I don’t believe hope is a good building block of a communication plan. Don’t make us wait for one conference per year to hear your message…plan now.

So…if a tree falls in the woods will anyone hear it? If this sounds like your communication plan it is time to start looking around.