Monthly Archives: October 2012

Getting Micro in LA

I got a chance to take in some of the LD Micro conference on Thursday in Los Angeles.  This was the smaller conference before the larger event in December. While everyone kept calling it the smaller event it didn’t feel that way because there was a good buzz from the attendees.

You never know if one day event is going to be a hit or a miss, but this one was a hit.  I got a chance to chat with the Chris Lahiji, the organizer of LD Micro, at the end of the evening.  Outside of getting to see for myself that people were engaged with the content, speakers and event throughout my time there…it was when I was speaking to Chris that it really resonated.  Attendees kept coming up thanking Chris for the great event and what did Chris do…he graciously accepted their kind words, but also introduced them to others.  In my 20 minutes of standing with Chris he made at least 5 connections of people who needed to speak with each other.  Note, I said needed as Chris seemed to already understand what each person wanted based on his relationship with them and he was able to connect people based on their needs.  It was networking 101 at its best and it is clear Chris is a master of his domain in this area.

I suggest if you have interest in the small and micro-cap world that you take a look at attending the December event in Los Angeles.  You don’t have to ask those of us that live in areas like Ohio twice to be in California in December.  The weather won’t be my focus while I am there as much because I will be engaged with the content and connections around the event.