The ‘name and shame’ rule = collaboration

Ever trip on one of those articles and wonder why the heck you are reading it?  That happened to me this morning as I started to read the Inside Investor Relations article on IR departments and the SEC minerals rule.  By the time I got to the end of the article I was glad I read it.

While the rules can be confusing the consequences aren’t.  Being on this list is not something any company wants to do.  Anyone that knows me knows that one word I love to use is collaboration.  This article screams of collaboration and points out how IR departments need to be working with PR, CSR and compliance to ensure everyone is on the same page.

While I hate that we have to ‘shame’ people to work together I am glad this rule is causing companies to take a broader look at themselves.  A lot of times we get so focused just on what we do in a company that we don’t stand up to realize how rules, laws and guidelines affect those around us and how our companies are looked at by investors, customers and the general public based on said rules.

The first report on the new rule doesn’t need to happen until May 2014, but go ahead and start collaborating now between departments…only good things can come from looking past your cube walls.


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