A little R&R, content and connections are good…I think

I headed to NY earlier this week and took in a day at the Rodman & Renshaw conference. There were over 150 presenting companies at the event looking to talk about their company and potentially find new investors or coverage. I got to attend a handful of presentations and overall the content provided by the companies was good. There is that word again “content”…I just can’t get away from it (nor do I want to).

The PowerPoint decks, websites, handouts, etc were all part of the content provided to us in these presentations. Attendees were taking it all in and then making the mad rush to speak to the presenter at the end like at most conferences. We have been trained to do it this way and I kept asking myself was this a good use of the presenters and attendees time? I assume yes or they wouldn’t do the conference, but in the end how much content can one person take in from 150+ companies (or the 20-50 you want to see) and when does it stop resonating. How would you like to be the last presenter on day two?

My time was well spent connecting with people I hadn’t met or seen for some time. Any chance you get to network is great as connections drive our business lives.

I walked away from this conference like I do from others wondering what was next. Would what I learned drive me to take action? Did presenters see value? Was it worth their time? Is there a better way to deliver this content?


One response to “A little R&R, content and connections are good…I think

  1. Then articles like this come out after the conference. Things that make you say hmmm…http://ow.ly/1OvC5E 

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