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When did you get your first dose of investor education?

Interesting read from the SEC on their financial literacy study.  After reading this and reviewing the study it got me thinking about when I got my first dose of investor education.   The answer came very quickly for me.  It was when I was twelve and my grandmother decided it was time to let me look at the other side of the newspaper…the one she was reading that had helped her and my grandfather make money buying and selling stocks.

I got a good teaching that day.  There was no Internet involved.  We didn’t have the benefit of breaking news delivered to a handheld device.  Nope,  I learned how to read stock from the black and white news print that day.  I was taught how to watch for trends and traps.  I learned there are good days, great days and pretty bad days.  I walked away from that day a bit confused, but also amazed at what I was just taught.  The main learning point was that there is an art and strategy to doing all this and that you have to learn the art before you can master the strategy.

From that day forward I got to look at the other side of the newspaper and I haven’t looked back since.

When did you get your first dose of investor education?

VC goes PR

Interesting read from the NY Times about VC firms going PR.  Seems like a no-brainer, but I guess it also is ruffling some feathers out there based on a bit of self promotion.

It was only a matter of time before the VC world jumped on the public relations / marketing train.  I am glad to see firms that have been traditionally closed door and behind the scenes jump into the PR pool feet first.

Question is…will it last or does a shift in the economy cause things to snap back?