Multitasking…is it killing our bottom line?

In business we are always looking to improve profitability by increasing revenue or finding smarter ways to spend. I read the post, “Multitasking’s Real Victims” this morning and of course it got me thinking. Multitasking is killing our bottom line by making all of us less productive.

Yes, I have a multitasking problem, but I have been working to curb it both in my personal and professional life. I have already been doing a number of things to fix my problem, but I realize my problem won’t ever be totally fixed until I help those around me also fix their multitasking problem…hence the chord that was struck after reading the HBR post.

In my business of IR and compliance I have information in my face all day long, but that doesn’t mean I need to multitask to be productive. I have learned that the need to do two, three or four things at once actually means I am less organized with my time and less productive overall. Doing one thing well and moving to the next thing is what I am focused on now. Listening to the person on the phone, conference call or in my office is what I am focused on now. Riding that extra mile with my sons on the bikes and not looking at my iPhone is what I am focused on now.

I apologize in advance to my friends, peers and family as I plan to use points in the HBR article to point out when others around me are multitasking when they shouldn’t be. It might be time to smell the flowers that you don’t see right in front of you. What are you focused on now?

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