Moving From “Like” to “Love”…

I have always “liked” Facebook and its ability to create open communication.  I also “like” how those creatives in Menlo Park never stop to surprise me with all the cool ideas they come up with.  I really “like” hoodies, but I have to admit I “like” mine without zippers.  I really “like” seeing the company go public and move into a new chapter of its young life.  Oh and by the way that “like” that people have for Facebook has turned into “love” because everywhere you seem to turn you hear about Facebook and what they are doing from ideas, to the IPO, to stock price to whatever…Facebook is here to stay for a long long time.

Now I would just “like” to be able to wear my hoodies all year long, but I am told hoodies, shorts and flip-flops isn’t a good fashion statement.


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